The Stars. Juergen Teller

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3 responses to “The Stars. Juergen Teller

  1. It would be cool if you said the name of the stars. Not everybody knows all of them (me included…).
    But great post, nevertheless.

    • guayakiller

      Here they Are in order of Appearance.
      1. Rebel Wilson
      2. Jack Black
      3. Emma Stone
      4. OJ Simpson
      5. David Hockney
      6. Lea Seydoux
      7. Raquel Zimmerman
      5. Daniel Day Lewis
      6. Marion Cotillard
      7. Matthias Shoenaerts
      8. Qvenzane Wallis
      9. John Hawkes
      10. Dream Walker
      11. Mary Elizabeth Winsted
      12. Jessica Chastain
      13. Mattew Mcconaughey
      14. Kiera Knightley
      15. Freida Pinto
      16. Garret Hedlung
      17. Rachel Weisz
      18. Elle Fanning
      19. Richard Gere
      20. Denzel Washington
      21. Bradley Cooper
      22. Carmen Ejogo
      23. Naomi Watts
      24. Drea Hemingway
      25. Scoot McNairy
      26. Tom Cruise
      27. Amy Adams
      28. Phillip Seymour Hoffman
      29. Ben Winshaw
      30. Nicole Kidman

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